Boston Professional Makeup Artist, Vicki Morgenstern

"Makeup is On-Site" (tm)

Technological advances of high definition filming in the media production industry, has affected the way talent reads on camera. Professional makeup artist Vicki Morgenstern has adapted her products and application techniques to balance and soften the harsh pixalation of the HD image. For instance, she has integrated silicone primers (that fill in facial lines) and uses silicone airbrush foundation.

The beauty of silicone based airbrush foundation is that reflects light and this softens the talents facial features contributing to a more flattering HD image.

The highlights of her experience in multimedia projects include: the feature film set, "Shutter Island" by Director Martin Scorcese, live events, Ebay ex-CEO Meg Whitman, Print - NY Times DealBook, Grazia, Television - HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher", commercials, US Marine Corp and lastly, corporate videos - Telly Award Winner IBM E-Learning.. Vicki's resume contains the entire portfolio of her projects.

Makeup and Hair

My professional makeup artist services include makeup for beauty and fashion, editorial makeup for print, lifestyle makeup, runway makeup and special effects. Grooming for men has become standard procedure for talent appearing in front of the camera.

Celebrity Makeup

Vicki's reviews indicate she consistently builds rapport with her high profile taken because they see the effects of her comprehensive preparation. This rapport can be seen in the following mini-vinyettes: Sir Anthony Hopkins, during the EPK for his Hasty Pudding Award, squeezed my hand so hard so hard I thought he was still in character for Hannibal! And, then grinned at me!! Jane Seymour shared with me her passion for painting as we designed a palette for painting her face for the live event. After an exhausting video session, Senator Kennedy reminded me that he was free at that moment to get photographed, Terri Garr shared with me the way she adjusted her hands to apply makeup because of her multiple scerosis during an industrial video shoot, Madeleine Albright was surprised that no other professional makeup artist had taken the time to discuss foundation coverage for rosasea during the television broadcast of the Democratic National Party. A number of these celebrities are shown on the celebrities and VIP pages. Of course, my lips are sealed on confidential matters!

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