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Vicki Morgenstern offers expert full solution makeup service in Boston. She brings a wealth of experience to every job having worked with hundreds of satisfied clients, including celebrities and VIPs. Vicki has a flawless record of having her clients ready on time, every time. Her ability to work within tight time constraints was perfectly demonstrated when she did a full face of makeup for a prominent female VIP in six minutes. And on a film set, she and her colleague did a full face makeup for a cast of 150 extras in under two hours.

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Vicki enjoys the opportunities that her professional career as a Boston makeup artist affords her to work with a diverse range of people who excel in their spheres of influence. And how, within a day, she can have a range of completely different experiences where the morning might involve preparing executives for a panel discussion and later that day, working as a theatrical makeup artist applying lipstick and blush to two-year-olds for a play. Vicki has created perfect finishes for entertainers in commercial and television shows, styled signature looks for models and celebrities, and designed conceptual images for photo shoots published in magazines. 

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