Vicki Morgenstern, Beauty Makeup Fashion Shoot

Boston makeup artist Vicki Morgenstern expertly matches the skill and creativity of her chosen career with a commitment to excellence in every job that she undertakes.

Vicki vividly recalls her first on-set job working as an additional on an indie film, set in the Wachusett mountains in Western Massachusetts in the middle of winter with below freezing temperatures. As part of the cast, there was a young actress who had to play dead as part of the murder scene at night. Just as significant as providing touch-ups, Vicki remembers her connection with the little girl after filming the traumatic scene; the young girl reached for Vicki's hand, and they went skipping back down the mountain leaving the memories behind. It is this ability to gain the client's trust that contributes to Vicki being an exceptional artist.

What Vicki Offers

  • Experience - Vicki Morgenstern is an experienced makeup artist who has spent over two decades honing her craft.
  • Meticulous Care — she is thorough from the initial inquiry stages until the job wraps.
  • Full Service — Vicki Morgenstern offers a full range of makeup styles, including beauty makeup, fashion makeup, editorial makeup, and men's grooming.
  • Punctuality — Vicki has a flawless record of having her clients ready on time, every time, including working within tight time constraints.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm — Vicki brings a wonderful energy to the set and is known her dedication to the well-being of the production.
  • Artistic and Technical Capability- she is quickly able to understand what the director is looking for artistically, and has the technical capability to bring that vision to life.
  • A Commitment to Excellence—Boston makeup artist, Vicki Morgenstern, continuously trains to advance her skills to meet the industry's changing technology and artistic needs.

Her Experience

Vicki was a member of a video production crew that won a Telly Award for the shoot's distinctive colonial period setting. The scene was set up with many unique elements including costumes and wigs.

Vicki is a well-known makeup artist with hundreds of satisfied customers. The breadth of her experience includes live events, corporate videos, television crew member, commercials, fashion models, photo shoots and pageantry. Her work on sets with "A-list" talent includes Academy Award entertainers, Fortune 100 corporate leaders, politicians on the state and national level, professional athletes, top NYC modeling agencies, international fashion photographers, and pageant titleholders.

Makeup By Vicki Morgenstern