Julius Dr J Erving

Julius "Dr J" Erving


Whether preparing for a remote TV interview or corporate video, Vicki’s business clients require expert male grooming to assure that men are camera ready for a well rested, healthy look. The production industry has changed over the last decade with high definition cameras and bright LED lighting. I specifically strive to improve the appearance of men using anti shine for an even skin tone across the face, neck, and receding hair line. Vicki caters to male skin by camouflaging under eye darkness, age spots, and blemishes.

Most of Vicki’s business clients require men's grooming with no down time including Fortune 100 CEOs, actors, performers, well known politicians, keynote speakers, news interviews, etc. President Kennedy in 1960 was a pioneer in understanding the need for makeup in his televised debate which swung his election.

Vicki's work in politics is notable for its breadth from Supreme Congress Justice, Congresswoman, and Boston Mayor. She has provided looks for politicians in televised news interviews, live forums, print collateral, speakers panels, and male grooming.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

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